• Melbourne International Film Festival 2016 - Fear Itself

    Review: Fear Itself

    REVIEW: A visual essay examining the nature of fear and a potted history of horror cinema.

  • Marvel Studios logo 2016

    Marvel Studios at SDCC 2016 Round-Up: New logo, Captain Marvel, Spider-Man, Black Panther and more

    NEWS: Plus concept art, new Disneyland attractions and the Doctor Strange logo.

  • Star Trek Discovery NCC-1031

    ‘Star Trek: Discovery’: 2017 CBS series officially titled, gets teaser trailer

    NEWS: It’s official – the new series is ‘Discovery.’

  • Justice League 2017

    Watch ‘Wonder Woman’ and ‘Justice League’ trailers from Comic-Con

    NEWS: They’re here! Trailers for DC’s two big 2017 releases.

  • Melbourne International Film Festival 2016 - Our Huff and Puff Journey

    Review: Our Huff and Puff Journey

    REVIEW: It’s not about the destination in this Japanese road movie.

  • The Defenders (Netflix)

    Marvel’s ‘Luke Cage’ teaser trailer, ‘Iron Fist’ first look and poster, ‘The Defenders’ teaser and ‘Daredevil’ Season 3

    NEWS: The four unite to save New York.

  • Monster Fest 2016

    Monster Fest 2016 trailer wants you to ‘Join the Cult of the Monster’

    NEWS: The trailer for Monster Fest is unveiled, inspired by 1960s British horror.

  • The Butterfly Tree

    ‘The Butterfly Tree’ begins production in South East Queensland

    NEWS: Priscilla Cameron has commenced production on her first feature film, THE BUTTERFLY TREE.