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Welcome to our dynamic list of films released in 2011, ordered by their Australian release date. Links to our reviews, news and trailers will be added as we post them, so keep checking back for date changes and new reviews!

Please note that some dates vary from state to state in Australia. Please check local listings for details.

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Poster Date Name Distributor Notes
6 January Morning Glory Paramount Review
6 January Unstoppable Fox Review
Tangled poster 6 January Tangled (2D/3D) Disney Review
13 January The Dilemma Universal Review
13 January Burlesque Sony Review
Yogi Bear poster 13 January Yogi Bear (3D) Roadshow/Warner Review
Black Swan poster 20 January Black Swan Fox Review
The Green Hornet poster 20 January The Green Hornet Sony Review
The Fighter 20 January The Fighter Roadshow Review
True Grit poster 26 January True Grit Paramount Review
26 January Another Year Icon Review
Shaolin poster 26 January Shaolin Hopscotch Review
Catfish poster 26 January Catfish Hopscotch Review
3 February Faster Sony Review
3 February Sanctum Universal Review
3 February The Next Three Days Roadshow Review
Tamara Drewe poster 3 February Tamara Drewe Roadshow Review
Mr and Mrs Incredible poster 3 February Mr. & Mrs. Incredible Incubate Review
127 Hours poster 10 February 127 Hours Fox Review | Article
Hereafter poster - Australia 10 February Hereafter Roadshow Review
10 February No Strings Attached Paramount Review
Rabbit Hole Australia poster 17 February Rabbit Hole Roadshow Review
Gnomeo & Juliet - Australian Poster 17 February Gnomeo & Juliet (2D & 3D) Disney Review
Unknown poster Australia 17 February Unknown Roadshow Review
Certified Copy poster 17 February Certified Copy Madman Review
Inside Job poster Australia 17 February Inside Job Sony Review
Big Momma's House poster - Australia 17 February Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son Fox
24 February Conviction Fox Review
Season of the Witch - Australian poster 24 February Season of the Witch Roadshow Review
24 February The Way Back Roadshow Review
I Am Number Four Australian poster 24 February I Am Number Four Disney Review
Hall Pass poster - Australia 3 March Hall Pass Roadshow Review | Premiere
3 March Wasted on the Young Paramount Review
3 March The Girl Who Kicked’s The Hornet’s Nest Rialto Review
3 March The Adjustment Bureau Universal Review
The Rite poster Australia 10 March The Rite Roadshow Review
Rango poster Australia 10 March Rango Paramount Review
10 March The Company Men Madman Review
Kiss Me Again poster 10 March Kiss Me Again Sharmill Review
17 March A Heartbeat Away Hoyts Review
Battle: Los Angeles poster (Australia) 17 March Battle: Los Angeles Sony Review
17 March Limitless Roadshow Review
17 March The Reef Pinnacle Review
17 March Griff the Invisible Transmission Review
The Butcher, The Chef and the Swordsman Poster 17 March The Butcher, the Chef and the Swordsman China Lion Review
Barney's Version (Australian Poster) 24 March Barney’s Version Hopscotch Review
Biutiful poster (Australia) 24 March Biutiful Madman Review
24 March Red Riding Hood Roadshow Review
The Mechanic poster (Australia) 24 March The Mechanic Roadshow Review
Waiting for Superman poster (Australia) 24 March Waiting for Superman Paramount Review
31 March In A Better World Rialto Review
The Lincoln Lawyer poster - Australia 31 March The Lincoln Lawyer Roadshow Review
Never Let Me Go poster 31 March Never Let Me Go Fox Review
31 March Just Go With It Sony Review
Hop poster - Australia 7 April Hop Universal Review
7 April Justin Bieber: Never Say Never 3D Paramount Review
7 April My Afternoons with Margueritte Icon Review
Rio poster 7 April Rio Fox Review
Sucker Punch Poster - Australia 7 April Sucker Punch Roadshow Review
Brighton Rock poster (Australia) 14 April Brighton Rock Madman Review
Diary of a Wimpy Kid 2 - Australian poster 14 April Diary of a Wimpy Kid 2: Roderick Rules Fox
Mars Needs Moms poster - Australia 14 April Mars Needs Moms Disney Review
Paul - Australian poster 14 April Paul Universal Review
Scream 4 One-sheet 14 April Scream 4 Roadshow Review
Sex and Zen poster Australia 14 April 3D Sex and Zen: Extreme Ecstasy Dream Movie Australia Review
21 April Arthur Roadshow Review
21 April Fast And Furious 5 Universal Review
Incendies poster - Australia 21 April Incendies Hopscotch Review
21 April Potiche Transmission Review
The Tempest poster - Australia 21 April The Tempest Disney Review
Thor poster - Australia 21 April Thor Paramount Review | Interview
Born to Be Wild 3D 28 April Born to Be Wild 3D IMAX/Warner Review
Mrs. Carey's Concert Poster 28 April Mrs. Carey’s Concert Greater Union
The Lost Bladesman poster 28 April The Lost Bladesman Icon Review
Babies poster 5 May Babies Madman Review | Trailer
5 May Something Borrowed Hoyts Review
5 May Source Code Hopscotch Review
5 May Mad Bastards Transmission Review | Interview
5 May The Round Up Sharmill Review
7 May The Human Resources Manager Potential Review
A Chinese Ghost Story poster 12 May A Chinese Ghost Story Incubate
12 May Burke & Hare Paramount Review | Trailer | Clips
Hoodwinked poster - Australia 12 May Hoodwinked Too! Hood Vs. Evil Roadshow Review
Insidious poster - Australia 12 May Insidious Icon Review
Water for Elephants - Australian poster 12 May Water for Elephants Fox Review
12 May Your Highness Universal Review
19 May Angèle And Tony Palace Review
Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides - Australian poster 19 May Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides Disney Review | Clips and Featurettes
Snowtown poster 19 May Snowtown Madman Review | Interview | Trailer
19 May The Tunnel (Limited) The Tunnel Review
Get Low poster - Australia 26 May Get Low Rialto Review | Trailer
Oceans poster - Australia 26 May Oceans Hopscotch Review
26 May The Hangover: Part II Roadshow Review
26 May Soul Surfer Sony Review
A Beautiful Life poster 26 May A Beautiful Life China Lion
Of Gods and Men poster 26 May Of Gods and Men Review
2 June Cane Toads: The Conquest Pinnacle Review | Interview
X-Men: First Class - Charles Poster (Australia) 2 June X-Men: First Class Fox Review |
From Time to Time - poster 2 June From Time to Time Hopscotch
Here I Am poster - Australia 2 June Here I Am Transmission Review | Interview
2 June Julia’s Eyes Palace Review
Super 8 Teaser Poster Australia 9 June Super 8 Paramount Review | News | Trailer | Interview
9 June Oranges & Sunshine Icon Review
BRIDESMAIDS poster 16 June Bridesmaids Universal Review
Little White Lies poster 16 June Little White Lies Hopscotch Review
Love Crime poster 16 June Love Crime Rialto
Blame poster 16 June Blame Packscreen Review
Kung Fu Panda 2 23 June Kung Fu Panda 2: Kaboom of Doom Paramount Trailer| Review
Cars 2 poster 23 June Cars 2 Disney Review
Sleeping Beauty poster 23 June Sleeping Beauty Transmission Review
Beginning of the Great Revival poster 23 June Beginning of the Great Revival China Lion/Incubate Review
Transformers 3 poster 29 June Transformers: Dark of the Moon 3D Paramount Trailer | Review
Tree of Life poster 30 June The Tree of Life Icon Review
Mr Poppers Penguins poster 30 June Mr. Popper’s Penguins Fox Review
The Trip poster 30 June The Trip Madman Review
7 July Mozart’s Sister Rialto Review
Special Treatment poster (Australia) 7 July Special Treatment Melsa Films Review
Wu Xia poster (Australia) 7 July Wu Xia (Dragon) China Lion Review | Trailer
Happy Ever Afters (2009) poster 7 July (Limited – Sydney) Happy Ever Afters Hopscotch
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 poster 13 July Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 Roadshow Review
Bad Teacher poster Australia 21 July Bad Teacher Sony Review
Beautiful Lies poster - Australia 21 July Beautiful Lies Paramount/Transmission Review
The Eagle Poster 21 July The Eagle Universal
Larry Crowne poster 21 July Larry Crowne Pinnacle Review
5 Days of War poster 21 July 5 Days of War Anchor Bay Review
Hanna poster 28 July Hanna Universal Sydney Film Festival | Review
Captain American: The First Avenger Poster Australia 28 July Captain America: The First Avenger Paramount Trailer | TV Spots | Review
Big Mamma's Boy Poster 28 July Big Mamma’s Boy Madman Trailer
28 July (Dendy Newtown exclusive) Tucker & Dale Vs Evil Icon SFF Review | Review
Conspirator poster 28 July The Conspirator Rialto Review
The Beaver poster (Australia) 4 August The Beaver Icon Review
The Rise of the Planet of the Apes poster (Australia) 4 August Rise of the Planet of the Apes Fox First Look | Review
Red Dog poster 4 August Red Dog Roadshow Review
Green Lantern poster 11 August Green Lantern Roadshow/Warner News | Trailer | Review
Jane Eyre poster 11 August Jane Eyre Universal Review
Senna poster 11 August Senna Universal Review
Glee Live! 3D Movie poster 11 August Glee – The 3D Concert Movie Fox Review
Greatest Movie Ever Sold Poster 11 August The Greatest Movie Ever Sold Madman Review
My Kingdom poster 11 August My Kingdom Icon
Cowboys and Aliens International One Sheet Group poster 18 August Cowboys and Aliens Paramount Trailer | Review
18 August Win Win Fox Review
18 August Conan The Barbarian Roadshow Review
PINA poster 18 August Pina Hopscotch
Friends With Benefits poster - Australia 18 August Friends with Benefits Sony Review
The Guard poster 25 August The Guard Transmission Trailer | Review
Priest poster - Australia 25 August Priest Sony Review
Horrible Bosses poster 25 August Horrible Bosses Roadshow Review
Beginners poster 25 August Beginners Hopscotch Review
Final Destination 5 poster 1 September Final Destination 5 Roadshow Review | Podcast
One Day poster 1 September One Day Universal
The Help poster 1 September The Help Disney Review
Chalet Girl poster 1 September Chalet Girl Paramount Trailer | Review
The Smurfs 3D poster 1 September (TAS)

8 September (QLD)

15 September (NSW, VIC, SA, WA)

The Smurfs Sony Review
Life in A Day poster 1 September Life in a Day Transmission Review
Zookeeper poster Australia 8 September Zookeeper Sony
The Change Up 8 September The Change Up Universal Review
13 Assassins poster 8 September 13 Assassins Icon Review
Submarine poster 8 September Submarine Madman Review
Eye of the Storm poster Australia 15 September The Eye of the Storm Paramount/Transmission Review
Snow Flower and the Secret Fan - Poster 15 September Snow Flower and the Secret Fan Pinnacle Review
Fright Night (2011) poster 15 September Fright Night Disney Review
Johnny English Reborn Poster 15 September Johnny English Reborn Universal
Winnie the Pooh poster 15 September Winnie the Pooh Disney Article
Mayday 3DNA poster 22 September Mayday 3DNA Icon
Judy Moody and the NOT Bummer Summer poster 22 September (NSW/VIC)/ 15 September (QLD) / 29 September (WA/SA) Judy Moody and the NOT
Bummer Summer
Monte Carlo poster 22 September Monte Carlo Fox Review
Abduction Poster 22 September Abduction Roadshow Review
Spy Kids 4D poster 22 September Spy Kids: All the Time in the World 4D Roadshow
The Lion King (3D) poster 22 September

19 September (QLD)

The Lion King 3D Disney Blu-ray News | Review
Cave of Forgotten Dreams poster 22 September Cave of Forgotten Dreams (3D) Rialto Review
The Sorcerer and the White Snake poster 29 September The Sorcerer and the White Snake Icon
Crazy Stupid Love poster 29 September Crazy Stupid Love Roadshow Director Interview
Project Nim poster 29 September Project Nim Icon Review
Whistleblower poster 29 September The Whistleblower Hopscotch
Footloose (2011) poster 6 October Footloose Paramount Trailer
Real Steel poster 6 October Real Steel Disney
Norwegian Wood poster 6 October Norwegian Wood Curious
The Hunter poster - Australia 6 October The Hunter Madman
Higher Ground - Australian poster 6 October Higher Ground Sony
Tabloid poster 6 October Tabloid Antidote Films
Red State (2011) poster 13 October Red State Curious
The Thing (2011) poster 13 October The Thing Universal Trailer
The Cup (2011) poster 13 October The Cup Roadshow
Take Shelter poster 13 October Take Shelter Sony
What's Your Number poster 13 October What’s Your Number Fox
Viva Riva! - Australian poster 13 October Viva Riva! Rialto
Paranormal Activity 3 poster 20 October Paranormal Activity 3 Paramount Trailer
Roadshow logo 20 October The In-Betweeners Roadshow
Contagion (2011) poster 20 October Contagion Roadshow
Midnight in Paris poster 20 October Midnight in Paris Hopscotch
TT3D: Closer to the Edge poster 20 October TT3D Icon
The Three Musketeers (2011) poster 20 October The Three Musketeers Hoyts Trailer
US poster for 'The Debt' 27 October The Debt Universal
Drive poster 27 October Drive Pinnacle Trailer
Warrior (2011) poster 27 October Warrior Roadshow
In Time poster 27 October In Time Fox
Anonymous poster. Australia 3 November Anonymous Sony
Dream House poster 3 November Dream House Roadshow Trailer
I Don't Know How She Does It 3 November I Don’t Know How She Does It Roadshow
Bill Cunningham New York poster (Australia) 3 November Bill Cunningham New York Madman SFF 2008
Our Idiot Brother Poster 3 November Our Idiot Brother Roadshow
Moneyball - Australian poster 10 November Moneyball Sony
Santa's Apprentice poster 10 November Santa’s Apprentice Becker Film Group
This Is Not a Film poster 10 November This Is Not A Film Sharmill
Shark Night 3D poster 10 November Shark Night 3D Icon
We Need to Talk About Kevin - Australian poster 17 November We Need To Talk About Kevin Hopscotch
THE TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN-PART 1 Teaser Poster 17 November The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1 Hoyts Teaser | News
Burning Man - Australian poster 17 November Burning Man Transmission/Paramount Trailer
Columbiana poster 17 November Columbiana Roadshow
The First Grader poster 17 November The First Grader Rialto
The Tall Man Poster 17 November The Tall Man Hopscotch
Arthur Christmas poster 24 November Arthur Christmas Sony
Immortals 3D poster 24 November Immortals 3D Universal
Ides of March poster 24 November The Ides of March Roadshow
Attack the Block poster 1 December Attack the Block Icon
Apollo 18 poster 1 December Apollo 18 Roadshow
Jack and Jill poster 1 December Jack & Jill Sony
Killer Elite poster 1 December Killer Elite Disney
My America poster 1 December My America Rialto
Restless-poster 1 December Restless Sony
8 December Puss in Boots Paramount Trailer
The Sitter poster 8 December The Sitter Fox
Roadshow logo 8 December New Year’s Eve Roadshow
Magic to Win poster (Australia) 8 December Magic to Win China Lion
A Dolphin Tale poster 15 December A Dolphin Tale (3D) Roadshow
Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol poster 2 15 December Mission: Impossible: Ghost Protocol Paramount Trailer
The Women on the 6th Floor poster 15 December The Women on the 6th Floor Palace
15 December Melancholia Madman
Flying Swords of Dragon Gate 3D poster 22 December Flying Swords of Dragon Gate 3D Icon
Salt of Life poster 22 December The Salt of Life Rialto
We Bought A Zoo poster 26 December We Bought a Zoo Fox
Happy Feet Two poster 26 December Happy Feet 2 Roadshow
Tower Heist poster 26 December Tower Heist Universal
The Skin That I Inhabit poster 26 December The Skin I Live In Paramount Trailer
The Adventures of Tintin poster 26 December The Adventures of Tin Tin: The Secret of the Unicorn Paramount/Transmission Trailer
War Horse (2011) poster 26 December War Horse Disney
Albert Nobbs poster 26 December Albert Nobbs Hopscotch
The Iron Lady poster 26 December The Iron Lady Icon

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