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2012 Australian Release Dates [ARCHIVE ONLY]

Welcome to our dynamic list of films scheduled for release in 2012, ordered by their Australian release date. Links to our reviews, news and trailers will be added as we post them, so keep checking back for date changes and new reviews!

Please note that some dates vary from state to state in Australia. Please check local listings for details.

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Poster Date Name Studio Notes
Alvin and the Chipmunks 3: Chipwrecked poster 1 January Alvin & the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked Fox
Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows poster 5 January Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows Roadshow Trailer | Review
Thirst poster 7 January (Sydney) Thirst
The Muppets (2011) poster 12 January The Muppets Disney Teaser | Trailer | Interview with Jason Segel | Review
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2011) - Uncensored poster 12 January The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Sony Trailer | Extended trailer | Review
Hugo in 3D poster 12 January Hugo Paramount Trailer | Review
The Descendants poster 12 January The Descendants Fox Review
Arrietty - poster Australia 12 January Arrietty
(Subtitled and Dubbed)
Madman Review
The Great Magician poster 12 January The Great Magician Dream Movie Trailer | Review
Darkest Hour poster 19 January The Darkest Hour Fox Trailer | Review
Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy poster 19 January Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy Universal Review
Young Adult poster 19 January Young Adult Paramount Videos | Review
Journey 2: The Mysterious Island poster 19 January Journey 2: The Mysterious Island (2D/3D) Roadshow Review
A Few Best Men poster 26 January A Few Best Men Icon Trailer | Review
Underworld: Awakening 26 January Underworld: Awakening Sony Trailer | Review
J.Edgar poster 26 January J. Edgar Roadshow Trailer | Review
Weekend movie poster 26 January Weekend Rialto Review
All's Well That Ends Well (2012) poster 26 January All’s Well That Ends Well 2012 China Lion Review
The Viral Factor poster 26 January The Viral Factor Dream Movie Review
The Artist poster 2 February The Artist Roadshow Trailer | Review
Man on a Ledge poster 2 February Man on a Ledge Hoyts Review
2 February Martha Marcy May Marlene Fox Review
Chronicle poster 2 February Chronicle Fox Trailer | Review
Any Questions for Ben? 9 February Any Questions for Ben? Roadshow Trailer | Review
Safe House - Australian poster 9 February Safe House Universal Trailer | Review
The Vow poster - Australia 9 February The Vow Sony Review
Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace 3D poster 9 February Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace (3D) Fox Trailer | Review
Shame poster 9 February Shame Transmission Trailer | Review
Romancing In The Air poster 9 February Romancing in Thin Air Dream Movie Trailer | Review
This Means War (2012) poster 14 February This Means War Fox Review
The Grey poster - Australia 16 February The Grey Icon Review
One For the Money poster 16 February One For the Money Roadshow Review
My Week with Marilyn poster 16 February My Week With Marilyn (Limited) Roadshow Trailer | Review
Buck poster 16 February Buck Madman Review
Contraband poster 23 February Contraband Universal Review
Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close poster 23 February Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close Roadshow Review
Gone poster 23 February Gone Hopscotch
Killer Elite poster 23 February Killer Elite Disney Trailer | Review
Late Bloomers poster 23 February Late Bloomers Palace
Love (2012) poster 23 February Love China Lion Trailer | Review
Tyrannosaur poster - Australia 23 February

(Melbourne Only)

Tyrannosaur Madman SFF Review
A Separation poster 1 March A Separation Hopscotch SFF Review
A Little Bit of Heaven poster 1 March A Little Bit of Heaven Hoyts
The Devil Inside international poster 1 March The Devil Inside Paramount Trailer
The Headhunters poster 1 March Headhunters Rialto Review
Carnage poster (Polanski) 1 March Carnage Sony Review
Like Crazy poster 1 March Like Crazy Paramount Trailer | Review
Project X poster 1 March Project X Roadshow
Sione's 2: Unfinished Business poster (Australia) 1 March Sione’s 2: Unfinished Business PInnacle Trailer | Review
John Carter poster 8 March John Carter Disney Teaser Trailer | Review
50/50 poster 8 March

(Cinema Nova Melbourne Only)

50/50 Roadshow Trailer
The Source poster - Australia 8 March The Source Madman
Coriolanus poster 8 March Coriolanus Icon Review
The Rum Diary poster 15 March The Rum Diary Fox Trailer | Review
21 Jump Street (2012) Poster 15 March 21 Jump Street Sony Trailer | Review
Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance poster 15 March Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance Roadshow Trailer | Review
Haywire poster 15 March


Haywire Roadshow
The Kid with a Bike poster - Australia 15 March


Kid with A Bike Madman MIFF Review
Margin Call poster 15 March Margin Call Becker Film Group Review
The Hunger Games poster 22 March The Hunger Games Roadshow Trailer | Review
Best Exotic Marigold Hotel poster 22 March The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel Fox
The Raid - Australian poster 22 March The Raid Madman Trailer | Review
Wrath of the Titans poster 29 March Wrath of the Titans (3D) Roadshow Trailer | Review
Mirror Mirror (2012) poster 29 March Mirror Mirror Roadshow Trailer | Review
The Lorax poster 29 March Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax Universal Trailer | Review
A Dangerous Method poster 29 March A Dangerous Method Paramount/Transmission Review
Le Havre poster 29 March Le Havre Sharmill Films Review
American Reunion poster 5 April American Reunion Universal Trailer | Review
The Pirates: Band of Misfits poster 5 April The Pirates! Band of Misfits Sony Trailer | Review
This Must Be the Place poster 5 April This Must Be The Place Hopscotch Review
Titanic poster 5 April Titanic (3D) Fox Trailer | Review
Goodbye, First Love poster 5 April Goodbye, First Love Palace Review
Salmon Fishing in the Yemen poster 5 April Salmon Fishing in the Yemen Roadshow Review
Love in the Buff poster - Australia 5 April Love in the Buff Dream Movie Trailer
The Deep Blue Sea poster (Australia) 12 April The Deep Blue Sea Transmission Review
Battleship poster 12 April Battleship Universal Trailer
StreetDance 2 poster 19 April Streetdance 2 3D Hoyts
The Lucky One 19 April The Lucky One Roadshow
The Lady Poster 19 April The Lady Roadshow Trailer
Footnote poster 19 April Footnote Rialto Review
Romantics Anonymous poster - Australia 19 April Romantics Anonymous Madman
The Avengers "Assemble" poster (2012) 25 April The Avengers Disney Trailer | Review
Café de Flore poster 26 April Café de Flore Icon
Wish You Were Here - Joel Edgerton poster 26 April Wish You Were Here Hopscotch Review
ACT OF VALOR poster 3 May Act of Valor Roadshow
Beauty and the Beast 3D poster 3 May Beauty and the Beast 3D Disney Trailer | Review
Delicacy film movie poster - Audrey Tautou 3 May Delicacy Transmission Review
The Five Year Engagement poster 3 May The Five Year Engagement Universal Trailer | Review
King of Devil's Island Poster 3 May King of Devil’s Island Palace
The Sitter poster 3 May The Sitter Fox
W.E. poster - Madonna 3 May W.E. Roadshow
Dark Shadows poster - Australia 10 May Dark Shadows (3D) Roadshow Trailer | Review
Jiro Dreams of Sushi poster 10 May Jiro Dreams of Sushi Curious MIFF2011 Review
Safe poster - Statham 10 May Safe Icon Review
Iron Sky Poster 10 May Iron Sky Hoyts Trailer
Trishna poster 10 May Trishna Madman
The Dictator teaser poster 16 May The Dictator Paramount Trailer | Review
Silent Souls poster 17 May Silent Souls Icon
The Woman in Black - poster (Australia) 17 May The Woman in Black Roadshow Trailer | Review
Bel Ami poster 24 May Bel Ami Hopscotch Trailer | Review
First Night poster 24 May First Night Paramount
Men in Black 3 poster - Australia 24 May Men in Black 3 Sony Trailer | Review
Empire of Silver - Poster 24 May Empire of Silver China Lion
Careless Love poster 24 May Careless Love Antidote Films
Declaration of War poster 31 May Declaration of War Palace Review
Get the Gringo/How I Spent My Summer Vacation poster 31 May Get the Gringo Icon Review
Tomboy poster 31 May Tomboy Rialto
What to Expect When You're Expecting - Australian poster 31 May What to Expect When You’re Expecting Roadshow Review
The Duel poster 7 June Anton Chekov’s The Duel Rialto Review
Friends With Kids - Australian poster 7 June Friends With Kids Roadshow Review
Prometheus poster 7 June Prometheus Fox Trailer | Review
Double Trouble poster 7 June (Melbourne)

14 June

Double Trouble China Lion Review
Take This Waltz poster (Australia) 14 June Take This Waltz Hopscotch Review
Cabin in the Woods poster 14 June


The Cabin in the Woods Roadshow Review
Comme Un Chef poster 14 June The Chef (Le Chef) Icon Review
That's My Boy poster (Australia) 14 June That’s My Boy Sony
Rock of Ages film poster 14 June Rock of Ages Roadshow Trailer | Review
Snow White and the Huntsman poster - Kristen Stewart 21 June Snow White & the Huntsman Universal Trailer | Review
Brave poster 21 June Brave Disney Trailer | Review
Elena poster 21 June Elena Palace Review
Marley poster 21 June Marley Roadshow
A Royal Affair Poster 21 June A Royal Affair Madman
The Three Stooges (2012) poster 21 June (QLD)

28 June (NSW, VIC, SA)

5 July (WA, ACT)

The Three Stooges Fox
Where Do We Go Now poster 28 June Where Do We Go Now? Hopscotch Review
Ice Age: Continental Drift poster 28 June Ice Age: Continental Drift Fox Trailer | Review
Painted Skin: The Resurrection poster 28 June Painted Skin: The Resurrection China Lion Trailer
Polisse poster 28 June Polisse Curious Review
Katy Perry: Part of Me 3D poster 2 July Katy Perry: Part of Me (3D) Paramount Trailer | Review
The Amazing Spider-man (2012) poster 4 July

(July 2 in QLD & NT)

The Amazing Spider-man Sony Trailer | Review
Ted poster (Seth McFarlane) 5 July Ted Universal Trailer | Review
Hysteria poster 12 July Hysteria Hopscotch Trailer | Review
The King is Dead poster - Rolf De Heer 12 July The King Is Dead PInnacle Review
Not Suitable for Children poster 12 July Not Suitable For Children Icon Trailer | Review
You Instead poster 12 July You Instead Hopscotch
The Dark Knight Rises - A Fire Will Rise - International Poster 19 July The Dark Knight Rises Roadshow Trailer | Review
The Door poster (AU/NZ) 19 July The Door Rialto Review
And If We All Lived Together poster 26 July And If We All Lived Together? Madman Review
Magic Mike poster - Australia 26 July Magic Mike Roadshow Trailer | Review
In Darkness poster 26 July In Darkness Roadshow
LOL movie poster 26 July LOL Roadshow
Starry Starry Night poster 26 July Starry Starry Night China Lion
Beauty (Oliver Hermanus) poster 2 August Beauty Palace Review
Cosmopolis poster 2 August Cosmopolis Icon Trailer | Review
Jo Nesbo's Jackpot poster 2 August Jo Nesbo’s Jackpot Rialto
Step Up 4Ever 3D poster 2 August Step Up 4: Miami Heat (3D) Universal
Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter poster 2 August Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter Fox Trailer | Review
Will Ferrell - The Campaign poster 9 August The Campaign Roadshow Trailer | Review
The Sapphires poster 9 August The Sapphires Hopscotch Trailer | Review
Storm Surfers poster 14 August Storm Surfers 3D Madman
The Bourne Legacy poster 16 August The Bourne Legacy Universal Trailer | Review
Bernie poster 16 August Bernie Madman Review
My America poster 16 August My America Rialto
Tortoise in Love poster 16 August Tortoise In Love Rialto
Bully poster 23 August Bully Roadshow Review
Hope Springs poster 23 August Hope Springs Roadshow
Holy Motors poster 23 August Holy Motors Icon Review
Lan Kwai Fong 2 poster 23 August Lan Kwai Fong 2 Dream Movie
Seeking A Friend At the End of the World 23 August Seeking A Friend For the End of the World Roadshow
Total Recall (2012) poster 23 August Total Recall Sony Trailer | Review
The Bullet Vanishes poster 30 August The Bullet Vanishes China Lion Trailer | Review
Chinese Takeaway poster - Australia 30 August Chinese Take-Away (Un Cuento Chino) Rialto Review
Finding Nemo poster 30 August Finding Nemo (3D) Disney Review
LOVE theatrical poster 30 August Love Regency Trailer | Review
Moonrise Kingdom poster 30 August Moonrise Kingdom Universal Trailer | Review
The Expendables 2 poster 30 August The Expendables 2 Roadshow Trailer | Review
DAMSELS IN DISTRESS poster 6 September (Melbourne – Cinema Nova)

13 September (Sydney)

Damsels in Distress Sony
Hit and Run poster 6 September Hit & Run PInnacle Review
Kath & Kimderella poster - Kath and Kim 6 September Kath & Kimderella Roadshow Review
Killer Joe poster - Ignition Print 6 September Killer Joe (Dendy Exclusive) Roadshow Review
Monsieur Lazhar poster 6 September Monsieur Lazhar Palace Review
Your Sisters Sister poster 6 September Your Sister’s Sister Madman Review
Beasts of the Southern Wild poster 13 September Beasts of the Southern Wild Icon Review
Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted poster - International poster 13 September Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted Paramount Trailer | Review
The Watch poster 13 September The Watch Fox Trailer | Review
Resident Evil: Retribution poster - International 13 September Resident Evil: Retribution Sony Trailer
Six Plots image 13 September 6 Plots Rialto
Bait 3D poster - Australia 20 September Bait 3D Paramount Trailer
Hotel Transylvania Poster 20 September Hotel Transylvania (3D) Sony
Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days 20 September Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days Fox
Nobel's Last Will poster 20 September Last Will Rialto
Lore poster - Cate Shortland 20 September Lore Transmission
Ruby Sparks poster - Australia 20 September Ruby Sparks Fox
Secret of the Wings poster 20 September Secret of the Wings Disney Trailer
Looper poster 27 September Looper Roadshow Trailer
Tai Chi Zero poster 27 September Tai Chi Zero Icon
On the Road poster 27 September On the Road Icon Trailer | Review
I Wish poster 4 October I Wish Rialto Review
Mental film poster 4 October Mental Universal
Searching for Sugar Man 4 October Searching for Sugar Man Madman
TAKEN 2 - Liam Neeson 4 October Taken 2 Fox Trailer
Killing Them Softly poster 11 October Killing Them Softly Hoyts Trailer
Tom Hardy - Lawless poster 11 October Lawless Roadshow Trailer
Shadow Dancer poster 11 October Shadow Dancer Potential Films
The Wedding Party poster 11 October The Wedding Party Label Trailer | Review
The Words poster - Bradley Cooper 11 October The Words Becker Film Group Trailer
Arbitrage poster 18 October Arbitage Madman
The Big Wedding poster 18 October The Big Wedding Roadshow
Paranormal Activity 4 - Teaser Poster Australia 18 October Paranormal Activity 4 Paramount Trailer
Safety Not Guaranteed poster 18 October Safety Not Guaranteed Rialto Trailer | Review
Savages poster - Oliver Stone 18 October Savages Universal Trailer
To Rome with Love poster 18 October To Rome with Love Hopscotch Trailer
Wuthering Heights movie poster 18 October Wuthering Heights Transmission Trailer
Argo poster 25 October Argo Roadshow Trailer
Dredd (2012) poster 25 October Dredd (3D) Icon
Frankenweenie poster 25 October Frankenweenie Disney Trailer
The Intouchables poster 25 October The Intouchables Roadshow
The Apparition - International poster 25 October The Apparition Roadshow Trailer
Sparkle poster 25 October Sparkle Sony
Tai Chi Zero poster 26 October Tai Chi Hero Icon
End of Watch poster 1 November End of Watch Roadshow
The Expatriate poster 1 November The Expatriate PInnacle
The Giants poster 1 November The Giants Palace
Last Dance poster 1 November Last Dance Becker Film Group
360 poster - US 8 November 360 Madman
I, Alex Cross poster 8 November Alex Cross Hoyts Trailer
House at the End of the Street poster 8 November House At the End of the Street Roadshow
The Master - Poster 2 8 November The Master Roadshow Trailer
Premium Rush poster 8 November Premium Rush Sony
The Sessions poster 8 November The Sessions Fox Trailer
The Angels' Share poster 15 November The Angels’ Share Vendetta Films Review
Robot and Frank poster 15 November Robot and Frank Sony Trailer
The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2 Teaser poster 15 November The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 Hoyts Teaser
The Babymakers poster 22 November The Babymakers PInnacle
Electrick Children poster 22 November Electrick Children Rialto
Skyfall poster official 22 November Skyfall Sony Trailer
RED DAWN (2012) poster 29 November Red Dawn Roadshow Trailer
Trouble with the Curve Poster 6 December The Trouble With the Curve Roadshow Trailer
Fun Size poster 6 December Fun Size Paramount
LOVE STORY poster 6 December Love Story Sharmill Films
Pitch Perfect poster 6 December Pitch Perfect Universal
Paris-Manhattan movie poster 13 December Paris-Manhattan Palace
Rise of the Guardians 13 December Rise of the Guardians Paramount Trailer
The Guillotines 3D poster 20 December The Guillotines 3D Icon
Liberal Arts movie poster 26 December Liberal Arts Icon Review
Les Miserables film poster (2012 movie) 26 December Les Miserables Universal Trailer
The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey poster 26 December The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (3D) Roadshow Trailer
Wreck-It Ralph Teaser poster 26 December Wreck-It Ralph Disney Trailer
20th Century Fox logo 26 December Parental Guidance Fox
Sightseers poster 26 December Sightseers Rialto
Paramount Pictures 100th Anniversary Logo 26 December Quartet Paramount